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WJC Annual Meeting: Sunday, April 27 (2PM)

Welcome from Rabbi Jonathan

To you who were raised Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal. To you who quit after Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, bored out of your wits. To you who loved Hebrew School, and stuck around! To you Zionists, to you Socialists, to you Yiddishists, to you red-diaper babies, to you atheists. To you social activists, drawing on our tradition of social responsibility. To you spiritual seekers. To you not born Jewish who have chosen to be Jews. To you rediscovering your Jewish identity, to you sick of talking about it. Welcome. 

And welcome to all you who are not Jewish, who love Judaism, and/or love particular Jews. You are our best allies, reminding us of the beauty in our culture when we see only the pain, supporting us to celebrate our lives as Jews.

We come from all manner of families. All kinds of backgrounds. All ages. The full range of sexual preferences and identities. All walks of life. And we gather here as Jews, to examine our lives, and celebrate our world. Welcome.

– Introduction to Kol Nidre 2013/5774

Our Passover Seder: Raising awareness of continuing injustice

Adorning our walls will be a photo exhibit arranged by Larry Bush commemorating the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer in 1964.

On our Seder tables will be a Haggadah supplement focusing on the continuing racial disparities and biases inherent in our nation’s justice and penal system, and asks four new questions for us to ponder.

Latest News

  • Our Second Night Passover Seder is now fully booked.
  • Place an order today for the Family School YearbookThe Pomegranate!
  • The last day of our Food Drive is Saturday, April 12! Collection bins are in our lobby; non-perishables and items of dignity are gratefully accepted by the Good Neighbor Food Pantry.
  • Gallery Lev Shalem's Winter Art Show is open to the public through April 6th.
  • The Tikkun Olam Task Force is hard at work. Read about their work feeding the hungry and fighting racial injustice.