Birth Your Next Creation and Repair the World

Birth Your Next Creation and Repair the World     

A Two-Part introduction to the Fertile Heart Birthing Practice

Wednesday March 25 and Wednesday April 1st, 7pm – 8:30pm


“…every little deed counts, every word has power, and we can, each of us, do our share to redeem the world…”

Abraham Joshua Heschel


 The longing to use our gifts and make a contribution that serves the greater good, springs from the deepest, most truthful place within us.  Whether one yearns to birth a baby, a book, a relationship, a healthier body or a peaceful world, the process remains the same: conception, gestation, labor, surrender to the Creative Force and finally birth.  A conscious birthing is always a time of growth and healing for the individual and the community.


Through experiential processes we will:

  1. place our creation into a context of Tikkun Olam
  2. understand Bereshit as a blue print of the creative process
  3. introduce the concepts of the Fertile Heart Practice
  4. recognize the “Catch 22” of longing to create
  5. enhance our ability to receive trustworthy inner guidance
  6. experience creation as a conscious revelatory process


   Julia Indichova is the author of Inconceivable and The Fertile Female. The Fertile Heart Practice emerged through her personal experience with infertility and her consequent counselling work. With the Birth Your Next Creation workshop she is applying the tools of the Fertile Heart Practice to other creative projects. Julia’s work has been featured on NPR’s 51%, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Discovery Health, Tablet Magazine, Huffington Post and more. After 9/11 she initiated the 9/11 Bowing Project documented in One-Heart Revolution.

There is no charge for WJC members. Please contact Julia to sign up.

 Note: For resources related to biological pregnancy or to birthing a family, please visit We will not be focusing on those topics in these two sessions.     

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