Family School Survey

Hello Everyone,

As I am sure many of you have hoped, we are currently discussing an in-person reopening of the WJC Family School this coming September 2021! The intention will be to do this in the safest and most cautious manner possible, with a built in contingency plan should local COVID guidelines change.

The below survey is meant to get a sense of our families’ comfort levels and specific concerns as we move forward. Should there be something not mentioned on the survey that is important to you, please feel free to contact Andrew Maayan, WJC Executive Director.

Family School 2021/22 Survey

For the upcoming Family School year, would you be comfortable having your child attend in-person programming if offered?


We are open to moving family school from Tuesdays to another weekday afternoon. Would this decision impact your ability to participate? Please let us know if there are any weekdays that would prevent you from being able to participate in family school this year.

Please briefly describe your comfort level and any concerns you may have related to the logistics of an in-person reopening of the Family School.