A Jewish Book Club! with Rabbi Ellen Triebwasser

Rabbi Ellen writes:
“I read the The Orchard by Yochi Brandes two years ago and it has remained vividly in my memory. As part of the WJC’s expanding online offerings, I would love to reread the book and share discussion about it with you.

The Orchard is a brilliant historical novel that depicts the beginnings of modern Judaism and Christianity (in the first and second centuries) and the historical circumstances and tumultuous disputes that accompanied their births. The heroes of that generation (such as Rabbi Akiva and his wife Rachel, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabban Gamaliel, Paul of Tarsus, and many others) become flesh and blood in this stunning interweaving of biblical and Talmudic lore into a page-turning and deeply insightful read.

I look forward to reading and discussing this book with you!”

During the first session Rabbi Ellen will introduce the historical time period and events in which the novel is set.

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