Announcing our Woodstock Jewish Congregation “Virtual Shul”!

We are thrilled to announce that we are ready to open our “Virtual Shul.”

All WJC activities will, for the foreseeable future, be taking place only online. When you join in, just imagine that you are walking into our building, and seeing your community.

In addition to services, we will get the ball rolling with the following programs. Please do join us.

If you did not receive the email that contained the access link, or are not on our email list, you can register for the online shul HERE.

Mondays through Fridays
As we move our synagogue programs online, we are pleased to be able to offer a daily meeting place to deepen and to strengthen our spiritual lives and community. Every day we will tap a different stream of Jewish spiritual practice. All are welcome to join in, and there is no charge.

Each day we will learn and practice from 1-2pm. At 2pm we will offer a communal healing prayer and also take advantage of our online minyan to provide an opportunity for anyone who needs to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish. Feel free to join us at 2pm, even if you have not been participating during the previous hour!

Sharing Our (Best) Selves
With Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
Gather with Rabbi Jonathan for an hour of personal sharing. We will listen to each other tell about our experience of life at this moment. But you will also be invited to bring a poem, a song, a reading or an insight that is sustaining and inspiring you right now, so that we can share that inspiration together.

Preparing for Passover
with Rabbi Ellen Triebwasser
Many people will be participating in virtual seders this year, and some people might find themselves leading a seder for perhaps the first time. In this class we will discuss both the basics of the Passover seder and also some of the deeper meanings of this most essential Jewish holiday.
(This class will meet Tuesday March 31, April 7 and April 14.)

Spiritual Tools from Our Tradition
with Rabbi Pauline Tamari Ph.D.
Let us look at the roots of our Tradition and the riches of Hassidism and explore its branches that are available as spiritual tools for our time. This is a workshop for spiritual seekers and “God-wrestlers” looking to reconnect with themselves and God.

Through the lens of the Neo-Hassidic tradition we will uncover the legacy of its gifts and examine how they speak to us today and how we can find new meanings in these ancient roots and use their practices in our daily lives:

a) Hassidism and Neo-Hassidism
b) Connecting with God
c) Touches of Intimacy
d) The Anxiety of Ethics and the Presence of God
e) Building the Shekhina: Re-enchantment and Redemption of the Natural world
f) Finding the Holy in the mundane
g) Cultivating Equanimity
h) The Flow of Good
i) Quietism and Contemplation
j) Storytelling and Healing

Insights from the Weekly Torah Portion
with Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
When we study Torah we use it as a mirror, reflecting on our own lives and circumstances. Each week we will highlight passages and interpretations from the weekly parashah that give us insight and strength to navigate the current crisis.

Bible Meditations for Hard Times
with Gail Albert Ph.D.
Judaism says that God—whatever we mean by that Mystery—speaks to us through the Torah. In this group, we will be returning to the ancient tradition of meditating on the weekly reading of Torah to bring its words into ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Our aim is to soften our hearts and open our souls for comfort, support, and guidance in this very difficult time.
Gail Albert Ph.D. is a psychologist and long-time teacher of Jewish meditation practices. She is the author of the Torah commentary “Mending the Heart, Tending the Soul: Directions to the Garden Within.”