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Featured Artist of the Week: Gail Albert

Gail Albert, Thorn Preserve 2, archival digital print on fine art paper, 12.6” x 19” (unframed), $300; 18” x 24” (framed), $425

“I find the natural world awesomely beautiful, holy, and pulsing with mystery. I look for moments in which the landscape seems alive with possibility. I have lived in Woodstock since 1999.”,



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Arnold Goran, Winter, Mariel Farm
Digitally enhanced photograph, 13”x19” on a 20”x24” matt, unframed, $150.

Arnie Goran is a member of the WJC. His photos have sold at the Gallery Lev Shalem and at WAAM, and has appeared in an international medical journal.
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