Dear Family School Families,

This week in Family School, we had stimulating conversation about the Ten Commandments: our students had very interesting thoughts and comments.  Each child was sent home with two papers: one was the simplest form of the Ten Commandments, and the other was a piece by Rabbi Jonathan. 
(Please keep the conversation going at home. There is a lot to talk about!)

On display in the hall outside of the school wing and kitchen are our Chai Cloths. Each child created a Chai Cloth with the intention of giving one to someone in need, whether physically or emotionally. They can be gifted to someone you know or to a member of our congregation that you may not know. Throughout the year, our curriculum has been centered on Kavanah (intention), Gemilut Chassadim (acts of loving kindness), Mitzvot and Tzedakah. The Chai Cloths represent all of these Jewish teachings.

If you or your family have any treasures that have been saved from your ancestors we asked the children to bring something in next Tuesday.  We had great conversation about what is important to you and, what our ancestors may have gone through.  Please ask your child about the story.  One student brought in something that his mom brought from her childhood and something he treasured that was given to him.

It is hard to believe that we have only two more Tuesday classes:

  • May 30th's classes will include a Congregational Shavuot Pot Luck Dinner. School starts at 4 pm as usual, and then we will gather in the social hall at 6 pm. The children will be making noodle kugel for the pot luck dinner. Please come early, bring a dish to share, and stay for dinner. All are welcome.
  • June 6 is the last day of class for Grades 1–6. 

Over the summer, we will continue to have Tot Shabbat and First Friday Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinners; all dates are listed below. Tot Shabbat starts at 5 pm, and is followed by dinner at 6 pm. All are welcome!

Everyone is moving along in Hebrew but I strongly encourage continuing to study at home regularly.  A few minutes a day really makes a difference.

If you are interested in arranging a summer tutor for your child, please contact me.

Sixth Grade families, please look at the available dates for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah that Rabbi Jonathan emailed to you. Choose a date as soon as possible so that we can add it to next year's calendar.

In-Home Shabbat Meals

Friendships are growing within our Family School; wouldn't it be nice to cultivate these relationships out in the community?

Our Congregational Communications Task Force is creating a plan for In-Home Shabbat Meals. They are looking for families that would like to learn more about hosting a Shabbat meal in their home on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon; it is a great way for us to get to know each other in a relaxed Shabbat setting.

It can be a pot-luck or you can do the cooking; that’s up to you.
The Task Force will provide guidelines and support to ensure a fun, successful gathering.

To learn more, contact Amy Messing at (845) 684-5279.

Important Dates to Remember

Please mark your calendars and plan on attending!

  • Tuesday, May 30
    • 4 pm: Family School, Grades 1–6
    • 6 pm: Congregational Shavuot Pot Luck Dinner – Everyone is invited! Please plan on attending and bring a dairy/vegetarian dish to share.
  • Friday, June 2
    • 5 pm: Tot Shabbat
    • 6 pm: First Friday Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinner
  • Tuesday, June 6
    • 4–6:30 pm: Family School, Grades 1–6 (LAST DAY)

Summer Schedule

  • Friday, July 7
    • 5 pm: Tot Shabbat
    • 6 pm: First Friday Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinner
  • Friday, August 4
    • 5 pm: Tot Shabbat
    • 6 pm: First Friday Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinner
  • Friday, September 1
    • 5 pm: Tot Shabbat
    • 6 pm: First Friday Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinner

As always, please feel free to contact me  with any questions or concerns. Confidentiality is always ensured.

(845) 684-4242
[email protected]