“What Kehillat Lev Shalem is for me”


What Kehillat Lev Shalem is for me:

  • A place where everyone has the opportunity to grow in love and awareness
  • A place where one can enter the rhythms of Jewish time, and absorb the teachings of Jewish tradition
  • A place where we can practice being mensches
  • A place where we can learn and perform mitzvot--the righteous deeds and meaningful rituals that make up Jewish life
  • A place where we are encouraged to make our world better, fairer and healthier
  • A place to practice radical welcome, over and over again; to open our arms and hearts to one another; to notice our harsh judgments of others, and temper them with compassion and understanding
  • A place to practice teshuvah, to give others and ourselves second, third, and perhaps even 33rd chances!
  • A place where children are adored
  • A place where we can share our sadness and be held, without needing to explain
  • A place where we can disagree, and still care for one another
  • A place where we can face the fundamental uncertainty of life with courage, and with good company
  • A place to care about Israel and the Jewish people; a place where we can learn and reflect on Jewish history in all its horror and inspiration, and together remain engaged with and continue to shape the Jewish present and future
  • A place that "spiritual" types and "rational" types can happily share, and even be grateful for the variety of human experience
  • A place to help us remember that life is a gift beyond our reckoning, and to humbly and joyfully give thanks, every single day and even every single moment
  • A place to ask big questions, and to seek answers together
  • A place to celebrate life together

L'chayyim! לחיים 

Rabbi Jonathan