Dear Fellow Congregants:

I would like to offer a quick, but heartfelt expression of appreciation to all WJC members who attended last Sunday’s Annual Membership Meeting on a sunny May day when they could have been doing so many other things. It is an indication of the shul’s rebirth and new energy. It was the largest turnout in years for an annual meeting — probably upwards of 60 people.

Your questions, suggestions, ideas and comments combined with the warmth and positive energy in the room were a perfect example of what we all treasure about our congregation. If you haven’t read or heard the wonderful presentation that Rabbi Jonathan delivered at the meeting about all the reasons why he loves the WJC, please read it here.

I urge those who couldn’t attend to look into our glorious array of spiritual, educational and just plain fun programs for all ages and all interests. It really is true that the more we give of ourselves, the more we benefit and the richer our community becomes. Stay informed. Get involved. Come to the rabbi’s energetic Shabbat services. Experience the great joy of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Participate with committees. Take full advantage of your membership while you help assure the good health and bright future of WJC. There are so many wonderful ways to be involved. If you’re not sure where you fit and can best serve, please email me at [email protected].

Thanks again to each and every one of you for all you do.

RonDavid Gold