I am pleased to report that we are making progress in our work to fill the position of Executive Director here at our Synagogue. I am anxious to tell you about our efforts so far.

At the request of the Board, Myrna Sameth has agreed to serve as the chair of the Search Committee. She has gathered a diverse and enthusiastic group to assist her, they are: Jerry Lerner, Judy Lewis, George Swain and Kathi Wood. Working with the Personnel Committee and our outgoing director, Karen Tashman, the Committee has created the attached posting for the position. After discussion with the Board, the decision has been made to entertain the possibility of hiring an Interim Executive Director in order to assure the smooth day to day operation of the Synagogue while a thorough and careful search is mounted for a new ED.

We welcome your help! Please disseminate this job posting to anyone whom you feel would be appropriate for the position. Also, if you have an idea of a good outlet for this posting, please let us know.


Ron David Gold

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