Dear Congregation Members and Community,

Let me begin by wishing you a happy, healthy New Year. It is my pleasure to share the following information with you.

In my capacity as upcoming President of the Congregation (as of November 1st), I had the opportunity to meet with Anna (Executive Assistant), Dee (Family School coordinator and many other duties) and Rabbi Jonathan. Also attending the meeting were Judy Lewis (Organizational Consultant and former Day School Executive Director), and Jon Lewis (Board member, upcoming Vice President and former President of the Congregation). It was our intention to get a solid handle on what is going on at the synagogue during the absence of an Executive Director and to offer assistance to the staff in whatever ways we can.

We were delighted. In large measure, thanks to our devoted staff and with immense thanks to our volunteers, both “old” and “new,” the synagogue is functioning very well. There is a general feeling of a team working comfortably together. Although both staff and volunteers have willingly undertaken additional responsibilities, there is little stress in the air and the work is getting done. Thanks to Danny, Sherry (our bookkeeper) and Rose, routine financial issues are being met.

Thanks to Gwen and her cadre, High Holy Day preparations are moving ahead and we will all be able to share that wonderful feeling of spiritual togetherness that we get at this time of year. 

I am gratified to be able to share such good news with you about the Woodstock Jewish Congregation and look forward to regularly doing so again.

Jerry Lerner
Board of Directors