Why do we need another rabbi?

Rabbi Jonathan will be reducing his hours to part time in July 2020 as he moves towards retirement. The new full-time rabbi will be responsible for all day to day activities at the shul, including services and pastoral care. Rabbi Jonathan will continue to take part in High Holy Day services as well as other services and activities when possible.

Will the new rabbi be Reconstructionist?

Perhaps, but not necessarily. The new rabbi should reflect our congregation’s values, but the WJC is not affiliated with any of the Jewish movements.

How will the new rabbi be selected?

The job has been posted widely in the Jewish community nationwide. The Search Committee will screen applicants, choosing some to interview (initially via video conference). Some candidates will be invited to interview at the WJC with the Rabbi, Senior Administrator, and Board of Directors. The finalist candidate(s) will be invited to the WJC to lead shabbat services, teach a class, and for other activities. At that point, the Search Committee will solicit feedback from congregants.

Who will make the decision?

The final decision will be made by members of the Congregation. The Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. If approved by the Board, the hiring decision will be put to a vote of the Congregation.

When will this all happen?

We hope to bring candidates for shabbat visits in February and March, with the congregational vote in April or May. The new rabbi would start July 1, 2020.

How will this impact the shul’s finances?

With one full-time rabbi and one part-time rabbi, our costs will go up. However, we will no longer be engaging a student rabbi, resulting in some cost savings. Overall, the modest increase in expenses will be manageable in the shul’s normal budget process.

How can I contact the Search Committee?

We welcome your input. Send an email to