Small Group Support Gatherings with Rabbi Jonathan

Small Group Support Gatherings with Rabbi Jonathan

We woke up this morning (if you managed to get some sleep!) to an uncertain and unsettling future for our divided nation. Many of us are in emotional turmoil; many of us are searching for better understanding.

To help our WJC community support one another, Rabbi Jonathan will be leading and moderating a series of online gatherings. Each meeting will be limited to a minyan, 10 people. This will guarantee that everyone in the group will have time to be heard.

The meetings are open to all WJC members in good standing.

The first three gatherings are listed below. Please sign up for your preferred time slot. Only sign up for one of the gatherings. Additional groups will be scheduled as needed, so that everyone who wishes to will have the opportunity to participate.

At these gatherings you will be welcome to share whatever you feel moved to share. If you want to share about your inner state/emotions, we will receive them. If you want to get on your soapbox, we will listen. If you want to engage in substantive discussion, we will engage.

Our goal, to the very best of our ability, is to offer to each of us what we most need at this moment.

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