WJC Settled Rabbi Search Committee (SRSC): The Work Has Begun

The committee met this week on Monday, July 11. Attendees were split into two working groups. One focused on how the committee will structure the interview process for interested candidates. The other began research into the different rabbinical schools that our candidates may draw from, understanding that it will be helpful for us to be acquainted with the structure and quality of education that our applicants have received.

If you have any thoughts or concerns, please let us know at: rabbisearch@wjcshul.org

A reminder that community members are especially encouraged to attend one of the House Meetings (i.e. “focus groups”) which you will be invited to. If you do not receive an invitation by July 15th, please reach out to Rahel. These meetings will be invaluable in gathering a clear picture of the community’s priorities for selecting our new rabbi.