How do we best evaluate the candidates for the position?

When the WJC Rabbi Search Committee zoomed together for their second meeting on July 11th the planning and discussion revolved around a central question: “How do we best evaluate the candidates for the position?” Rather than a generic answer, our approach should reflect the unique character of the WJC.

We heard a report on the three house meetings that have been conducted so far to get feedback from the community, with a particular focus on learning what values the community prioritizes in a rabbi. One of the main qualities that has emerged so far is a rabbi who fosters a “welcoming” spirit.

Later in the meeting, the attendees split into two working groups. One group focused on how the committee will structure the interview process for interested candidates. The other began research into the six main rabbinical schools our candidates will most likely have attended. It became instantly clear to us how helpful it will be to understand the quality of education our applicants have received, as well as how the schools frame the approach to a Jewish life.


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A reminder that community members are especially encouraged to attend one of the House Meetings (i.e. “focus groups”) which you will be invited to. If you do not receive an invitation by July 15th, please reach out to Rahel. These meetings will be invaluable in gathering a clear picture of the community’s priorities for selecting our new rabbi.