Board of Directors

Board Meetings

Board meetings normally occur on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm, but dates may change if there are conflicts with Jewish holidays, so please check the calendar to verify the schedule.

All members in good standing are welcome to attend to address the Board. Please contact the president before the meeting so that they can add you to the agenda.


Board of Directors

Matthew White, President, 845-399-1434





Cornelia Seckel, Vice President 845-246-5170





Laurie Slavin, Treasurer,  305-775-8340









Desirée O’Clair, Secretary, 845-514-0490




Jerry Lerner, Board Member, 845-443-0525






Evan Holland, Board Member, 401-714-1307







Robin Berger, Board Member, 845-399-3129



Stacy Mapstone, Board Member, 845-657-8795





Gwendolyn Tapper, Board Member, 845-679-7673
Ellie Kramer, Board Member, 845-750-2922