A Jewish Exploration of Addiction and Recovery with Kimberly Smith

Sunday, July 21, 11am
Join us for a program that will examine Jewish teachings, cultural beliefs, social practices and myths around the propensity of Jews to suffer from addiction. We will also explore Jewish healing traditions and what a Jewish approach to addiction treatment might look like.

Birth Your Next Creation and Repair the World, with Julia Indichova

Wednesday, August 7, 6–7:30pm
The longing to use our gifts and make a contribution that serves the greater good springs from the deepest, most truthful place within us.

“A Shtickele Toyrah” (A Bit of Torah)

Mondays at 9–9:15am ET
Start the week off with a taste of the weekly Torah portion.

Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Weekly, Tuesdays at 7pm
The workshop includes Carol's unique experiential exercises, the performance of short monologues and scenes, and processes designed to be fun, expansive and instructive about the art of acting...and living.