Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Having found an exciting connection for herself between her unique approach to the art of acting, based on Breathing, Awareness and Joy, and Judaism which she experiences through Breathing, Awareness and Joy, long time WJC member, veteran actor, acting teacher and performance coach Carol Fox Prescott, joined by a group of creatively courageous congregants explore these connections in our Tuesday night class, coincidently called, Breathing, Awareness and Joy. Utilizing time honored acting and improv techniques, in a room free of judgement, we take a deep plunge into how and where Judaism and the creative process come together to open our minds and expand our hearts. Zoom only.

Because of the intimate nature of our work, we limit our group to 12 women. At the moment we have room for three explorers. People at all levels of theater training, from beginner to professional are welcome.

All sessions take place on Zoom.

There is room in the class for two new participants. For further information, contact Carol.


To pay monthly fee and register for Zoom access link: