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Why Become a Member of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation?

There are some nice advantages to becoming a dues-paying member of the WJC – guaranteed parking spot at the High Holy Days, discounted prices at most events – but that is not why we hope you will join. The real list of benefits is less tangible but much more valuable:

  • Your resources, commitment and efforts help to grow our Jewish community, a community dedicated to welcoming all regardless of affiliation or ability to pay.
  • Your financial contribution allows us to support our rabbi and our incredibly dedicated staff, to maintain our building, and to plan for the future.
  • You become a part of Kehillat Lev Shalem, the Congregation of a Full Heart – your heart helps to fill others, and in return your heart is filled.
  • Cemetery plots are available for members, including intermarried couples, in the WJC section of Montrepose Cemetery in Kingston. (For information call the office.)

Whether you participate a lot or a little in synagogue life, your membership matters. The fabric of our community becomes stronger when you join your energy to ours. You are the community – the WJC is not a disembodied concept, it is the sum total of everyone who participates. The WJC is us.

Limited financial resources are never an obstacle to becoming a member. We want you. If the recommended dues levels are beyond your means, a single phone call to our Executive Director is all you need to do. You let us know what you can afford, and confidential arrangements will be made, no questions asked. And if you are blessed with plenty of funds, please consider paying above the recommended dues levels, and joining our Chai Circle. In the spirit of true community, the generosity of our more affluent members supports those with fewer financial resources to share.

Thank you for your support!


For more information, please contact us