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Turn It and Turn It For Everything is In It

By Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
The Jewish sages taught that when we study the Torah we should continuously turn it and turn it, like a gem with countless facets, looking for new and deeper meanings. In this volume of essays on each weekly Torah portion, Rabbi Jonathan shares choice insights from his decades of study and teaching. Drawing on both ancient and modern sources, and weaving scholarship and personal stories, Rabbi Jonathan invites the reader to investigate the countless layers of insight and inspiration that vibrant Torah study can provide. Available for purchase at the shul or ONLINE.


Hineni: Essays and Torah Commentaries from Twenty-Five Years on the Bimah

By Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

In this book you will find essays adapted from a quarter-century of soulful sermons, along with travel writings and other musings on Judaism, Jewish identity, Torah, and living an awakened life. It is a book filled with interpretive wisdom. Available at the shul or from Amazon.



Let My People Go: A Jewish and African American Celebration of Freedom

with Kim and Reggie Harris, and special guests Pete Seeger, Bill and Livia Vanaver, Tony Levin, and others

A unique exploration through song and story of the connection that African Americans and Jews share through the ancient story of the Exodus, and how that story can bring us together in our work for freedom. A great Passover gift! Available on iTunes and at Amazon.


On Holy Ground: Music of the High Holy Days at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation

Every year at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation more than a thousand people gather under an enormous white tent to sing their hearts out and welcome the New Year. The sound and spirit of this uplifting gathering is conveyed on this beautiful recording. Available at CD Baby, iTunes, and at Amazon.