An “Inter-Spiritual” Weekend with St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church

A couple of years ago Rabbi Jonathan and his colleague Reverend Matthew Wright of St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock co-taught a thrilling class at the WJC called “Judaism and Christianity: Shared Origins, Different Paths.” Now Rabbi Jonathan and Reverend Matthew invite us to a deeper level of experiencing each other’s traditions. On Saturday, March 9 Rabbi Jonathan will lead a special “Learner’s Service”, during which he will unpack the deep structure of the Shabbat morning service, and the meaning of some of themes important prayers. Members of St. Gregory’s are invited to join us. This service will be worthwhile for anyone who is curious to learn more about the structure and intention of Jewish worship. Following the service we will share a pot luck lunch, and everyone will have the opportunity to share their reflections on the experience, and to ask further questions.

Then, on Sunday morning March 10 we are all invited to services at St. Gregory’s, during which Reverend Matthew will similarly unpack the Christian worship service for all of us. That service will also be followed by refreshments and a discussion.

We are excited to deepen our relationship with our Christian neighbors. These services are open to all, and everyone is welcome to take part in any part of the experience.