First Night WJC Community Zoom Seder

We are very excited to celebrate Passover together, and we are delighted to invite you to join us on Zoom for the First Night Seder. Chaplain Julie Makowsky will guide us through our Feast of Freedom, including blessings, songs, and teachings. For the fullest seder experience, we recommend you order a seder meal from Bistro To Go and plan to have matzah and any other ritual foods you would find on a seder plate, so that you can join in when it is time to bless and eat them. 


Consider buying some parsley, an egg, and some horseradish. You may also use a chicken bone or a beet in place of a shank bone, and you can use chopped apples and nuts to make a quick charoset. You may order Passover wine through the WJC through Monday, April 8.