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Featured Artist of the Week: Gail Albert

Gail Albert, Thorn Preserve 2, archival digital print on fine art paper, 12.6” x 19” (unframed), $300; 18” x 24” (framed), $425

“I find the natural world awesomely beautiful, holy, and pulsing with mystery. I look for moments in which the landscape seems alive with possibility. I have lived in Woodstock since 1999.”,



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Fay Kravitz Biegun, Exchange: Dedication to Gilad Shalit
Oil on canvas, 36” x 44”, $1450.

“This piece is part of my Mythos/Ethos and Chaos group of paintings which consider the similarities between groups of people by explaining their stories and myths, their archetypes and their heroes. Inspired by the Bible and by thinkers like Joseph Campbell, the symbols within the paintings hold the essence of our beliefs.”
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