Introduction to Medisounds Meditation with Shulamit Elson

You are invited to a free interactive presentation with Shulamit Elson to learn MediSounds Meditation, a powerful Kabbalistic practice developed by Shulamit and described in her book Kabbalah of Prayer ~ Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey.

The class will begin with a brief discussion on the scriptural basis of MediSounds Meditation found in medieval rabbinical and Kabbalistic texts including the 13th century book Sefer HaNikud by Rabbi Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla.

MediSounds Meditation empowers you to experience the comfort of an abundant spiritual universe.  In the presentation you will learn how to use your own voice to intone specific vocal sounds, each connected to one of the Emanations (Sefirot) on the Tree of Life (Etz Chaim), which in turn are connected to particular Torah passages.

The Tree of Life is not an abstraction; it is a roadmap to higher consciousness, and MediSounds Meditation is a powerful tool to help you navigate. The vocal sounds you will learn quiet the mind and resonate throughout your body, reminding you of your fundamental connection to the Creator.

While MediSounds Meditation has many applications, including reducing anxiety and promoting sound sleep (, its main purpose is to awaken consciousness in order for you to experience a heartfelt connection to Hashem, which is your birthright, bringing focus, resilience and inner peace.

Today, we are in the midst of extraordinary disruptive change. We need new ways of thinking as well as clarity and strength to face the challenges ahead. MediSounds Meditation is invaluable during this time.

Praise for Shulamit Elson’s book: Kabbalah of Prayer~Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey

“No mystical tradition better explores the intersecting mysteries of the human character and divine presence than the medieval Kabbalah and no writer offers a better primer in its contemporary practice and understanding than Shulamit Elson.” Professor Bruce Chilton, Executive Director, Institute of Advanced Theology Bard College.

“One of the clearest distillations of Jewish spiritual teaching that I have ever read. Shulamit Elson writes from a place of experiential understanding of spiritual laws. Rather than shine a light that illuminates Kabbalah from the outside, she shines a light that illuminates the Kabbalah from within.” Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Woodstock Jewish Congregation.

“An innovative and exciting approach to Jewish spirituality. This book cannot only help reshape how Jews approach and engage in prayer, but it can also serve as an accessible entry point into the world of Jewish spirituality for any and all seekers.” Rabbi Joshua Grater, Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center