Loosening the Knots: a Program about Israel and Palestine

Many Jews feel emotionally conflicted about Israel/Palestine, whatever our conclusions or questions about the historical facts or “who is right” might be. As part of of WJC’s observance of Yom HaAtzma’ut, we will be holding a 3-part program. In the first part, we will have the opportunity to process our own opinions. In the second part, we will practice radical, deep listening to others. In the third part, Elizabeth Caplun will share her experiences visiting Israel recently with the group Healing Across the Divides, focusing on her own emotional “knots,” the ways many of us might feel similarly tangled, and how we might approach these feelings.

From Elizabeth Caplun:

I immigrated to California from Belgium when I was in my 30’s. I grew up under the heavy shadow of the holocaust, in a secular family whose history is one of displacement. Gratitude and admiration for the state of Israel were a given.

My career in the US took place in academic environments, with the last 20 years of in executive positions at Stanford University.

I retired a couple of years ago, living the good life in Bishop, a rural community in Eastern California, tucked in between the Sierra Nevada and the White-Inyo Range. Major city 4 hour drive away. I now spend my time practicing and teaching Mussar, writing poetry and exploring my gorgeous surroundings. In addition to being engaged with Healing Across the Divides, I am on the board of Inyo Council for the Arts, and a member of Keddem, a small Reconstructionist congregation in Palo Alto, CA. Recon Judaism is my spiritual home.