Movies with Spirit Presents: “Conversations With God”

The WJC is pleased to host the next Movies with Spirit presentation: Conversations With God. 

Discussion and refreshments following the film. 

RSVP requested

This biographical film dramatizes the true story of Neale Donald Walsch (Henry Czerny), a former radio DJ who finds himself at the lowest point in his life. He is unemployed and homeless, and his head is immobilized by a large neck brace due to a serious car crash, which compounds Neale’s difficulty in getting another job. Living on nickels he gets from cashing in returnable cans and bottles, and feeling like a total failure, Neale writes an angry letter to God. (He often wrote letters to CEOs after feeling wronged.) Why isn’t his life working? he writes. What will it take to get it to work? Why can’t he find happiness in relationships? Is the experience of enough money always going to elude him? Finally — and most emphatically — he asks: What have I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle? A moment later, he hears a voice over his shoulder: “Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting?”

Startled and quickly looking around, Neale sees no one. Thinking his mind must have played a trick on him, he goes back to his legal pad and writes a response: “Both. I’m venting, sure, but if these questions have answers, I’d sure as hell like to hear them!” Thus begins an initially skeptical conversation and ultimately a dramatic journey of this down-and-out 50-year-old who inadvertently becomes a bestselling author and speaker who shares the messages he receives.

“Uplifting.” — Peter Hartlaub and Ruthe Stein, The San Francisco Chronicle. “A humanistic little movie with a real belief in the power of redemption.”— Josh Rosenblatt The Austin Chronicle. “Not everyone will buy into the spirituality . . . . But there is a definite need for all of us to take a deeper look into our souls.” — Ross Anthony, Hollywood Report Card. “If you could talk to God, what would you ask?” — Donna Gustafson, Parent Previews. Rated PG.