In The Voice Of Our Mothers
 8th Day Seder

Missing the sound of our own voices, a group of women from The WJC gathered to imagine ourselves as the women of Exodus. We studied Torah, danced, sang, confided, and listened deeply to hear the longings and dreams of the named and unnamed women brought into our lives by the story of our journey from slavery to freedom.


As we heard their voices, we wrote, and as we wrote we created a new way to tell the story of Passover, this time in the voices of the women. Now we invite you, women and men of The WJC, and beyond, to share this journey with us in a celebration of Pesach at our fully realized, unique, and celebratory, online seder.


Featuring Cantor Nina Fine and the voices of own WJC congregants, we will welcome the Matriarchs, the unspoken heroines, and the moms in the Passover story, celebrating In The Voice Of Our Mothers.


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