In-Person! Outdoor Shabbat Service at the WJC

We are trying something new – an outdoor (weather-permitting) in-person Shabbat service that will also be on zoom! To join us in person you must preregister, as our in-person gatherings are still limited in number.


We hope those who wish to, will join us in the flesh, and we will all share the evening together, both in-person and online.


WJC is currently follow the safety protocols outlined below. We ask that you please read them thoroughly before arriving and abide by them throughout the event.


  • For the duration of the event, all participants to remain socially distanced at equal to or greater than 6’ apart; all participants to remain masked anytime not seated or when moving around. (participants who remain in designated, socially distanced seating may remove their masks based on their comfort level).  
  • We strongly recommend that only vaccinated people unmask and that all unvaccinated people remain masked for the duration of the event.
  • Please note- the building will remain locked for the duration of the event. A portable restroom will be available on the grounds.


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