PARSHAT HASHAVUA: The Shadow Side of Torah

There are sections of the Torah that make us uncomfortable, that disturb us, that even make us recoil. We tend — appropriately so — to skip over these portions in favor of passages that more readily attract and uplift us. But I assume that everything in the Torah bears teachings, albeit sometimes painful ones.

This year we will turn our attention to the “shadow” side of Torah, and grapple with sections we tend to willfully ignore. As our world seems to be hurtling toward darkness, what insights and understandings might we gain by examining the darkness in our own tradition? What hidden treasures might we have missed that might be revealed to us in these less palatable and sometimes bizarre passages? Light your inner torch and explore with us.

Suggested donation per class $7.50/WJC Members, $15.00/General. If cost is prohibitive, give what you are able; if you are able, give more!


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