In The Voice Of Our Mothers
 — A New Way to Tell the Story of Passover

You are invited to a different kind of Seder — In the Voice of our Mothers — A New Way to Tell the Story of Passover


Come along with us on our wild and imaginative ride as we together set our intention to experience a Passover adventure with a little bit of ritual and a lot of creativity and storytelling.


This is not your grandmother’s seder. It is not even the seder you just shared a few days ago. 


We will sing, we will eat, we will share, we will listen, but most of all we will imagine ourselves as the women of Exodus because even though the circumstances of our lives are different from theirs, we can still walk many miles in their shoes and share their hopes and their dreams and their fears as well as our own. We are all moving from slavery to freedom. You may be surprised at the similarities.  


We will ask some other questions (not just the traditional 4)

  • What is enslaving me?

  • What is calling to me right now?

  • What are the ancestral threads that I carry and keep living out?

  • What does the Promise Land mean to me?

  • What do I want to teach the children?

  • What is my imagined version of each of these women’s stories?


We will be using our In the Voice of our Mothers Haggadah. If you have a copy, please bring it. We will also have copies for sale through the WJC.


Our journey starts promptly at 3pm ET, Saturday, April 27th and will last for about 1 1/2 – 2 hours.