WJC Community Cyber Seder!

Another year in cyberspace!

While some light appears to be shining at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we are not there yet – and so, for the second year in a row, our WJC Passover Community Seder will take place online.

Last year’s seder was powerful and moving, and brought many hundreds of us together from around the world. Now, with a year of Zoom experience under our belts, this year’s seder will be even more wonderful. Rabbi Jonathan will be joined by Kim and Reggie Harris, sharing songs and stories of hope and inspiration. Readings will be assigned to volunteers, so that we will hear dozens of voices. And, during the meal, you will be able to choose a virtual table and join old and new friends for a social (albeit socially distanced) festive meal. You will even be able to drop in on other “tables” – this technology is amazing!

We will each prepare a meal and the ritual foods in our own homes – think of it as an opportunity to eat exactly what you want :-). If you are not able or interested in cooking, the Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go is once again offering individual Passover dinners, seder plates, and a la carte items at very reasonable prices. If the cost is prohibitive, just contact the synagogue office – the synagogue will cover your meal, confidentially and no questions asked. Remember, the Haggadah insists, “Let all who are hungry, come and eat; let all who are in need come and celebrate Passover.” We take that instruction to heart.

So tell your friends and family – everyone is welcome! Your generous donations are entirely optional, but we hope you will contribute as you are able so that our beloved community can continue to thrive.


Community Cyber Seder 2021