Resources for Online Services

All WJC services are currently multi-access, allowing for both online and onsite participation. Our doors are open to all virtually and in-person. We invite you to follow along with our songs and prayers while attending services online and offer these online resources.



We use the Kol Haneshamah: Shabbat and Holidays (Shabbat Vehagim) prayerbook from the Reconstructionist Press for our Friday evening and Saturday morning services.

You can purchase a new copy directly from the Reconstructionist Press:

The WJC also has a limited supply of well-loved, used copies that are available (for a donation, if this is possible for you). To obtain one of these, please complete this order form:


At the WJC, we use The Torah: A Modern Commentary, Revised Edition. A new or used edition can be purchased here:

You can also follow along in the Torah readings from any publication of the chumash. While the translations will differ, the text is the same.

We also recommend the Sefaria website,, as a resource for all Jewish sacred texts in addition to the weekly Torah readings.