Know Your Seminary: Academy of Jewish Religion

For the fifth in our continuing series “Know Your Seminary!” we present a brief profile of the Academy of Jewish Religion. The AJR, located in Yonkers, is non-affiliated. Founded in 1956, it offers a three-to-five-year program. It bills itself as “trans-denominational,” presenting a curriculum that covers a wide range of Jewish spiritual practice. Consequently, teaching the legitimacy of multiple points of view is one of the cornerstones of the seminary.

One of the school’s unique features: it’s the only seminary that trains rabbis and cantors “as equal partners in spiritual leadership,” recognizing the importance of music in the life of the synagogue. While what a school chooses to highlight in its website may not be comprehensive, it can be telling. The AJR website emphasizes its pluralistic perspective. It also stresses how its training ensures a solid ability in its students to perform the liturgical and lifecycle duties of a rabbi. Less prominent on the website is mention of other roles that may be required of a rabbi, including pastoral care and administrative skills.

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 To be as prepared as possible, the committee has begun to familiarize itself with the different rabbinical schools the applicants may have attended. This is the first in a series called, “Know Your Seminary!” to share with the community what we are learning about these schools.

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