The Role of the Rabbi

The Search Committee’s fifth meeting on August 25th focused on articulating and prioritizing the many roles our future rabbi will play. Drawing from “Aliya: A Congregation’s Rabbinic Search Guide,” the committee identified fourteen vital dimensions to this unique job, such as: “Pastoral Counselor”; “Worship Leader”; “Teacher”; “Music Leader”; “Social Activist”; “Administrator”; “Fundraiser”; and “Community Builder.” Our new rabbi must be competent, of course, in every role. But what are the three or four roles the WJC would identify as the most important?

There’s no right answer. Every congregation has their own response to the question. But the answer will reflect that congregation’s current identity as well as its desires for the future. Which is why finding the answer has been one of the main tasks of the Search Committee to date—both in their internal meetings and in the focus groups with congregants. So have we come to consensus? Stay tuned—a summary is forthcoming.