High Holy Day Torah Chanting
Welcome to all the resources you will need in order to master the High Holiday Torah chant!

High Holiday Torah Reading Website:
On this page, Rabbi and Cantor Neil Blumhofe has recorded the entire High Holiday Torah readings, and you will also find a recording called “Click here for our High Holiday trope system”, in which Rabbi Blumhofe sings each individual trope and trope combination.  You will find those trope and trope combinations on the documents “HHD Trop page 1.pdf” and “HHD Trop page 2.pdf”.

However, please note: the numbering system and order used by Rabbi Blumhofe does not match the order on the HHD Trop pages.  Also, Rabbi Blumhofe is singing in a different key than the musical notation on these pages (These pages come from a separate source.) Therefore, you will need to locate, out of order, on the page, the trop combination that Rabbi Blumhofe is singing on the recording. This is not very difficult, and I think everyone can handle the modest complexity.

On the following recording you will here the trop chanted in the order that you will find on the document “HH Trop Intro.pdf”: (To listen click here.)

And here are the Torah readings for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: