The Yizkor slideshow was a wonderful and heartfelt addition to our services last year. A way of keeping alive the memories of those we love. This year, we will again have a slideshow on Yom Kippur during the Yizkor service.

HIGH HOLY DAYS 2021/5782

High Holy Days 2021
Everyone is Welcome!

This year our High Holy Day Services will be multi-access, a hybrid of in person and Zoom. We are working to create the best experience for both modalities.

WJC COVID-19 Precautions for the High Holy Days

COVID-19 Precautions for the High Holy Days:   For centuries, synagogues have played a central role as places of holy gathering, learning, prayer and service. Our sages teach that when there comes a time that a Jewish community is confronted with sha’at had’chak, an hour of duress, when lives and safety are at risk, the … Read more

Special ELUL Teachings at WJC and Beyond

We are meeting on the four Thursdays in Elul: August 12, 19, 26, and September 2. Join us on Zoom for short teachings about the month of Elul and preparing for the new year.

2021 Document Collection

We are asking that all congregants who wish to attend High Holy Days in person submit documentation of their vaccination status. Either a photo of your vaccination card or a screenshot of the NY State Excelsior Pass will be accepted. Please use one form per person. If there is more than one person in your … Read more

Tisha b’Av Observance

Join Rabbi Ellen and Karen Levine for an exploration of Eicha, the Book of Lamentations, which is traditionally read on Tisha b’Av. We will chant, read, and take some time to reflect on communal and personal tragedies and grief. This is a commemoration best observed in community.

Current WJC safety protocols

As we are still actively following COVID safety protocols, approved by our board of directors, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below before attending an in-person outdoor event. As of now, the building continues to remain closed to all visitors and events. For the duration of an outdoor event, and for continued best overall safety, … Read more

In-Person! Outdoor Shabbat Service at the WJC

We are trying something new – an outdoor (weather-permitting) in-person Shabbat service that will also be on zoom! To join us in person you must preregister, as our in-person gatherings are still limited in number.   We hope those who wish to, will join us in the flesh, and we will all share the evening together, … Read more